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AFA provides several grant opportunities in order to fulfill our mission of providing optimal care to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses, and their families. Grants are made to AFA’s nonprofit member organizations.

Nonprofit member organizations: AFA regularly provides grants to its nonprofit member organizations so that they can develop or enhance educational and support services as well as support families in need in their communities. These grants are a critical funding source for these grassroots organizations, which play a pivotal role in their communities as hands-on providers of care and services for individuals with Alzheimer's and related illnesses, and their families.

AFA awards grants several times a year via various competitive application processes. Note: These funding opportunities are only offered to and through AFA nonprofit member organizations.

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AFA is able to provide this critical support as a result of the generosity of individual contributions, grants, sponsorships and AFA development activities. To help support these initiatives, please click here.

AFA member organizations interested in obtaining grant applications must log into the members-only area of the AFA Web site.

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