About AFA

2009 Advocacy Agenda

As the leading national advocacy organization focused on the “here and now” issues that face individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their family caregivers, AFA is right in the thick of the “here and now” of health care reform currently being debated on Capitol Hill. Through our Public Policy Office in Washington, DC and the activism of our more than 1,200 member organizations, AFA is aggressively pushing for the inclusion in final legislation of proposals that would have a direct impact on individuals with dementia—greatly improving the cost, delivery and quality of care.

AFA’s current public policy agenda includes:

Effective national health care reform, including

More resources for treatment and caregiver support services related to Alzheimer’s disease

Expanded programs to help find missing persons with dementia

Dementia-related research, outreach and education for Hispanic Americans

Fully-funded respite care services

Falls prevention research and programs

Elder abuse prevention

Consumer rights protections

Add Your Voice
We encourage you to add your voice on these issues. Phone or write an e-mail or letter to your members of Congress, and let them know where you stand.  To find contact information for your members of Congress, visit www.senate.gov and www.house.gov

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