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May 14, 2015
Guest: Taryn Patterson, Doctoral Candidate in Lifespan Developmental Psychology, North Carolina State University, Policy Research Associate with the Center for Applied Research, LeadingAge, Washington, DC.
Topic: "How to Cope with Living in the Sandwich Generation."

April 9, 2015
Guest: Jan Dougherty, MS, RN, FAAN., Family and Community Services Director at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, Phoenix, AZ
Topic: "What Every Caregiver Needs to Know when Hospitalization Happens"

March 12, 2015
Guest: Richard Ronald Finley., Clinical Pharmacist, University of California, San Francisco Memory and Aging Center and Consultant Pharmacist, Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, Sutter Health, Neuroscience.
Topic: "Ask the Pharmacist: The Role of Medications for Dementia."

February 12, 2015
Guest: Kerry Burnight, PhD, CEO of Ageless Alliance: United Against Elder Abuse and Professor in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at the University of California at Irvine’s College of Medicine, Calif.
Topic: "Abuse and Neglect: What All Caregivers Should Know"

December 11, 2014
Guest: Cynthia Epstein, LCSW, family counselor and clinical researcher, NYU Langone Medical Center of Excellence on Brain Aging, New York
Topic: "How Caregivers Can Facilitate a Successful Doctor's Visit"

November 13, 2014
Guest: Matt Gurwell, founder, Keeping Us Safe, Cleveland, Ohio
Topic: "When to Put the Brakes on Your Loved One's Driving"

October 9, 2014
Guest: Jesse Slome, director, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, Los Angeles, Calif.
Topic: "10 Things Caregivers Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance"

September 11, 2014
Guests: Elizabeth A. Geary, M.Ed., LMSW, director, The Community Programs Center of L.I., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.
Topic: "The Ins and Outs of Adult Day Programs"

August 14, 2014
Guests: Michelle Carlson, SSW, project coordinator, HealthInsight, Salt Lake City, Utah
Topic: "Pain Management: Tips and Techniques for Caregivers"

July 10, 2014
Guests: Dory Sabata, OTD, OTR/L, SCEM, clinical assistant professor, Occupational Therapy Education, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kan.
Topic: "Home Assessments: Highlighting Red Flags to Ensure Safety"

June 12, 2014
Guest: Laura Wayman, author of "A Loving Approach to Dementia Care"
Topic: "Finding Joy, Purpose and Fulfillment as a Dementia Caregiver"

May 8, 2014
Guest: Debbie Drelich, ACSW, LMSW, CMC, founder, New York Elder Care Consultants LLC, New York
Topic: "Finding Your Niche as a Long-Distance Caregiver"

April 10, 2014
Guest:Lisa Athan, executive director and founder, Grief Speaks, Springfield, N.J.
Topic: "Now What? Life After Caregiving"

March 13, 2014
Guest: Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, principal, Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates, Farmington Hills, Mich.
Topic: "How to Help Avoid Financial Scams in the Face of Dementia"

February 13, 2014
Guests: Cheryl Khaner, marketing director, Alzheimer's Music Connect, New York; and Nathan Hescock, founder and director of development, Rhythm Break Cares, New York
Topic: "Rhythm and Moves: The Benefits of Music and Dance"

January 9, 2014
Guests: Eileen O'Connor, BSN, RNC –RYT, Director of nursing services, and Stephani Shivers, MEd, OTR/L, CDP, director of community education and services, Alzheimer's Resource Center, Plantsville, Conn.
Topic: "Maximizing Nutrition and Eating"

December 12, 2013
Guests: Kelly O'Shea Carney, Ph.D., CMC, executive director, Phoebe Center for Excellence in Dementia Care, Phoebe Ministries, Allentown, Penn.
Topic: "Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors"

October 10, 2013
Guests: Keren Rosenbaum-Cooks, LCSW, QDCP , and Heather Saposnick, LMSW, QDCP, licensed social workers at the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, N.Y.
Topic: “Take a Break: Relaxation Techniques for Caregivers

September 12, 2013
Guest: Joy Walker, hospice worker, bereavement counselor, and author of "Three Years and Thirteen Dumpsters"
Topic: "'Living Choices at the End of Life"

August 8, 2013
Guests:  Joseph Potocny, who has Alzheimer's disease and is the author of "Living with Alzheimer's: A Conversation If You Will" with his wife, Lynn
Topic: "Let's Talk: A Couple Shares Their Experience with Alzheimer's Disease

July 11, 2013
Guest: Carole Larkin, MAG, CMC, CDP, EICS, geriatric care manager, ThirdAge Services, Dallas, TX
Topic: "How You Say It Matters: The Impact of a Caregiver's Approach"

June 13, 2013
Guest: Janelle J. Christensen, Ph.D., M.P.H, program data analyst at Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth, Fla
Topic: "Coping in the Face of Natural Disasters"

April 11, 2013
Guest: Amie Dorney, certified therapeutic-recreation specialist, Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Topic: Engagement: Recreational Activities for Various Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

March 14, 2013  
Guest: Amy Lieberman, president, Estate Matters LLC, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, MN  
Topic: Navigating Financial and Legal Systems Related to Aging, Transitions 

January 10, 2013 
Guest: Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, principal, Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates, Farmington Hills, MI 
Topic: Getting Things in Order: Guardianship and Power of Attorney Issues

November 8, 2012
Guest: Jan Vinita White, Ph.D., educator and consultant, Huntsville, AL
Topic: Family Dynamics and Caregiving

October 11, 2012
Guest: Rachel Becker, LMSW, associate director of careplanner services, CarePlanners, New York, NY
Topic: Sharing the Care Among Siblings

September 2012
Guest: Carol Bradley Bursack, presenter and writer, Fargo, ND
Topic: Not Treating Your Elders Like Your Children

June 14, 2012
Guest speaker: Marguerite Manteau-Rao, social worker and author, Palo Alto, CA
Topic: Presence Care Approach to Dementia Care

March 8, 2012
Guest speaker: Eboni Green, RN, Ph.D., executive director, Caregiver Support Services, Omaha, NE
Topic: Experiencing Grief

January 12, 2012
Guest speaker: Carole Larkin, MAG, CMC, CDP, EICS, Geriatric Care Manager, ThirdAge Services, Dallas, TX
Topic: The Biology of Dementias

November 10, 2011
Guest speaker: Cordula Dick-Muehlke
Topic: Person-Centered Dementia Care

October 13, 2011
Guest speaker: Carol Kester, BSW, QDCS, director of social services, Phoebe Home, Allentown, PA
Topic: Help! I'm Trapped Inside My Dementia!

August 11, 2011
Guest speaker: Ruth M. Fanovich, RN, LHRM, QDCS, owner and president, RMF Care Management and Care Placement Home Healthcare Agency, Inc., Palm Harnor, FL
Topic: "The Ins & Outs of Dementia Care Services and Support"

July 14, 2011
Guest speaker: Laura Beck, Learning & Development Guide, Eden Alternative, Ithaca, NY
Topic: "Care Partnership: Breathing New Life into the Giving & Receivng of Care"

June 9, 2011
Guest Speaker: Judie Grimaldi, JD, MSW, founding partner of Grimaldi & Yeung, LLP, Brooklyn, NY
Topic: "Protect Your Property"

May 12, 2011
Guest Speaker: Eboni Green, RN, Ph.D., executive director, Caregiver Support Services, Omaha, NE
Topic: "When Life Happens: How to Maximize Your Inner Strengths"

April 14, 2011
Guest speaker: Cindy Keith, RN, BS, author and certified dementia practitioner, M.I.N.D. in Memory Care, State College, PA
Topic: "Love, Laughter & Mayhem: Caring for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease"

March 10, 2011
Guest speaker: Vladimir Kotelnik, RN, case manager, Partners in Care, NY, NY
Topic: "10 Tips for Hiring a Home Health Aide"

February 10, 2011
Guest speaker: Connie Wasserman, LCSW, assistant executive director, Sid Jacobson JCC, East Hills, NY
Topic: "Young-Onset Alzheimer's Disease"

January 13, 2011
Guest: Dotty J. St. Amand
Topic: "Caregivers Survival: Preparing for the Journey Ahead"

December 15, 2010
Guest: Carole Larkin
Topic: "Candy Bars in the Shower and Other Tips Tricks to Manage Activities of Daily Living"

November 11, 2010
Guest: Chief Saunders
Topic: "Search and rescue: wandering from a Chiefs perspective"

October 14, 2010
Guest: Roy Herndon Smith
Topic: "Responding to Someone Who's Lost So Much"

September 9, 2010
Guest: Marianne Terry
Topic: "Activity Ideas and Suggestions to Make It Through the Day"

August 12, 2010
Guest: Eboni Green
Topic: "Practical Solutions for Stressed Caregivers"


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