Let your voice be heard as you speak on behalf of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease and their families to stop this insidious disease and provide support to caregivers who devote their lives to their loved ones with this brain disorder.

Now that our nation has released its first-ever National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease, as mandated under the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), we need to ensure that this movement continues—purposefully and aggressively. We need to ensure that funding and services bring this plan to life in order to truly impact the lives of Americans.

AFA’s "NAPA Now" campaign is leading the charge toward that end goal. As part of our campaign, we are urging all stakeholders to sign the "Stop Alzheimer’s Petition."

By signing the petition below, you are telling policymakers that eradicating Alzheimer’s disease has to be a priority and that support for education, training and long-term care services is necessary until we discover a treatment to prevent, reverse or cure this brain disorder.

So speak out now against Alzheimer’s disease. Together we can become a chorus of voices echoing through the halls of Washington, DC, speaking for those who are in the shadows.

A nationwide coalition consisting of AFA and other Alzheimer’s advocacy groups, caregiving groups, leading clinician associations and other stakeholder organization urge you to tell the White House and Congress that: