About Alzheimer's Foundation of America


The Alzheimer's Foundation of America's (AFA) member organizations include:

— Grassroots nonprofit organizations
— Adult day programs
— Long-term care communities

— Healthcare facilities
— Government agencies
— Public safety departments

While the titles of member organizations may vary, they all share one vital factor: a commitment to dementia care. To locate a member organization, click here.

AFA membership is open to any organization dedicated to aiding individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and their caregivers and families. We welcome entities of any size budget and staff, nonprofit and for profit.

As AFA members, each organization continues to operate independently while benefiting from belonging to a larger, national framework.

AFA offers two membership levels: member and associate member.

Members. Only nonprofit organizations may become members. They may participate on AFA's advisory boards and have a voice in shaping the foundation's strategies and goals. In addition, they may apply for grants from AFA. Annual membership dues are based on the size of an organization's budget.

Associate members. For-profit organizations may apply for associate membership. They may participate in all AFA activities and conferences, but cannot sit on AFA's advisory boards and are not eligible for grants from AFA. Associate members, regardless of size, pay a flat fee.

Benefits of Membership/Associate Membership

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