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Education and Care

Falls Prevention

Both fear of falling and a fall itself are real concerns for older Americans. The domino effects can be enormous, often resulting in injuries, an emergency department visit, hospitalization and even death. And, individuals who have Alzheimer's disease may face a greater risk of falling. There are some simple strategies to help reduce risk of a fall:

  • Clear out the clutter. Excess clutter increases the likelihood that someone will trip. Get in the habit of putting things away immediately and keep pathways clear.
  • Light the way. Place night lights or motion-sensitive lights strategically throughout the living space.
  • Bump-proof the bathroom. Use a slip-resistant rubber mat or textured adhesive on tub and shower falls to help reduce slips. Install grab bars and/or a durable seat in the tub or shower to ease access.
  • Keep it within reach. In the kitchen, keep dishes, pots, utensils and food within reach to reduce the likelihood of stepping on a stool, chair or countertop to grab something.

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