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Long-Term Care

Planning for LTC

At some point in a person’s life, long-term care services may be a necessity. Recognizing this possible reality, it is helpful to discuss the issue with appropriate family members, healthcare professionals and financial advisors. Planning ahead can help increase a person’s options and preparedness, avoid having to act in a crisis, and relieve financial pressure and emotional strain on the person in need of long-term care and his or her family.

Things to think about include:

  • Health status and expected progression of a disease/disability
  • Family situation
  • Personal assets/income
  • Retirement goals
  • Informal versus formal care
  • Desire for optimal independence
  • Types of care settings
  • Cost
  • Eligibility requirements for public programs or private financing options such as long-term care insurance
  • Payment options

For more information about long-term care, connect with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s licensed social workers. Click here or call 866.232.8484. Real People. Real Care.