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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 1, 2005

Alzheimer's Foundation of America Redesigns Caregiver Magazine
New Look Coincides with National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

NEW YORK, NY— Marking the kick off of National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) today unveiled a new name and a new look for its quarterly magazine for caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses—the first publication of its kind.

The redesign of the magazine, now called AFA Care Quarterly (formerly vantage ), builds on AFA's ongoing efforts to meet the care needs of families affected by dementia and to raise awareness of the enormous challenges facing both caregivers and those with the devastating brain disorder. It comes as both readership of the magazine and the incidence of Alzheimer's disease continue to increase.

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, the magazine maintains its authoritative yet reader-friendly editorial direction, but takes on a glossier, more contemporary look and more efficient presentation. In each issue, top experts address dementia-specific medical, behavioral and practical topics, and caregivers contribute suggestions, questions and moving creative works based on their experiences.

AFA Care Quarterly is available by free subscription and in physicians' waiting rooms across the country. To subscribe, call (Toll-Free Helpline) 866-AFA-8484 or visit .

“ AFA Care Quarterly fills a much-needed niche. Each issue hits home. Nothing in life has prepared these caregivers for what they encounter with their loved ones. They desperately need information to understand the disease and practical advice to get them through the day-to-day,” said Eric J. Hall, chief executive officer of AFA and publisher of AFA Care Quarterly .

“Our goal is to address issues from their unique vantage point and to further inspire these heroic caregivers to offer the best in care,” he added.

In line with National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month and the upcoming holiday season, the fall 2005 issue of AFA Care Quarterly focuses on how caregivers can view their roles from the perspective of a “blessing” rather than a “burden.”

For example, one article acknowledges caregiver fears, such as fears of loss and the unknown, and offers ways to transform this negative energy into positive action. Another feature explores support groups—their structure, purpose and the rewards of friendship and emotional support that emerge from them.

In addition, guest columnist Morgan Matthews, winner of the 2005 World Junior Championship in ice dance and a U.S. Olympic Team hopeful, offers a teenager's perspective on the disease. Sharing her family's experience, the 18-year-old Matthews noted that even as the disease slowly robbed her grandmother's memory and other functions, she cherished visitors and activities such as gardening.

“I imagine now that there are a lot of people out there like my late grandmother, struggling deeply with Alzheimer's disease yet seeming to embrace life in whole new ways,” she wrote.

According to Hall, the magazine's subscription base has been growing steadily since the publication made its debut in August 2004. Bolstering this is a growing incidence of Alzheimer's disease, which is expected to triple to 16 million in the U.S. by 2050, and the estimated one to four caregivers for each person with the disorder. With age posing the greatest risk factor, Alzheimer's disease currently affects one in ten Americans aged 65 and older and nearly one in two aged 85 and older.

AFA is a New York-based national nonprofit organization that focuses on care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and their families. It unites hundreds of member organizations across North America that provide hands-on support services. At a national level, AFA's services include a toll-free hotline, educational materials, and professional training. For more information, call (Toll-Free Helpline) 866-AFA-8484 or visit .

Contact: Carol Steinberg
Phone: 866-AFA-8484

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