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Alzheimer's Foundation of America Showcases New Jewelry Line to Honor Caregivers

NEW YORK , NY —The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) has introduced a jewelry line that, in addition to being highly fashionable, makes more than merely a fashion statement: it is designed to recognize the heroic act of caregiving and to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

The line consists of a necklace, bracelet and lapel pin—each with a sterling silver pendant modeled after AFA's logo of arms embracing a heart. The logo reflects the organization's mission of providing optimal care to individuals with dementia and their families.

“Caregivers give from the deepest recesses of their hearts. Our goal is to recognize the selflessness and strength of these exceptional human beings in light of the enormity of their role,” said Eric J. Hall, AFA's chief executive officer.

“This jewelry also spreads an inspirational message of hope—that effective care can improve quality of life,” Hall added.

The merchandise is available on AFA's Web site— Prices are $39.95 for the necklace; $29.95 for the bracelet, which has a leather band; and $21.95 for the lapel pin, plus shipping.

AFA expects the jewelry to especially touch caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or other illnesses, and their families, as well as to have universal appeal due to its artistic look.

An estimated five million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, which results in loss of memory and other cognitive functions; the incidence is expected to triple by mid-century. There is an estimated one to four caregivers for each person with the disease.

A recent AFA survey of caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease, conducted by Harris Interactive, highlighted caregivers' massive responsibilities: More than 70 percent attend appointments with their loved ones, help plan and organize their lives, and aid in day-to-day activities. The survey also found that 76 percent of caregivers have learned that they are stronger than they thought.

Proceeds from the jewelry will support AFA's programs, including grants to member organizations to enhance local services. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America, a nonprofit organization based in New York City, unites hundreds of member agencies nationwide that provide hands-on services to individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and their families. For information, call 866-AFA-8484 or visit .

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Contact: Carol Steinberg
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