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Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and Second Wind Dreams Forge Strategic Partnership
Collaboration Aims to Advance Care and Dignity for People with Dementia

NEW YORK, NY — The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), New York, NY, and Second Wind Dreams (SWD), Marietta, GA, today announced that they have forged a strategic partnership that will utilize their combined expertise, program strengths and local membership bases to further raise the bar on care for the increasing number of individuals nationwide with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

The two national nonprofit organizations, both of which are focused on serving the care and educational needs of the dementia population, will work together on various projects aimed at fostering better care and dignity for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses, and providing support to family and professional caregivers. Projects will include those related to family caregiving, behavioral issues associated with the brain disorder, and training of healthcare professionals. The organizations will also jointly promote each other’s signature initiatives, such as AFA’s National Memory Screening Day and SWD’s program to fulfill dreams for older individuals, including those with dementia.

To kick off their partnership, AFA and SWD will stand side by side next month to educate family caregivers about dementia at AFA’s free “Concepts in Care” conferences on August 6 in Charlotte, NC and August 7 in Raleigh, NC. As a highlight of the conferences, SWD will present its Virtual Dementia Tour, an interactive demonstration that simulates some of the symptoms of dementia in order to give caregivers more insight into the disease.

Eric J. Hall, AFA’s president and CEO, said AFA has found a “true partner” in SWD. “Second Wind Dreams has pioneered innovative programs with compassion and dignity at their core. The synergy and passion that we share will drive projects that will further each of our efforts to re-define optimal care and give individuals affected by dementia the respect and services they deserve.”

P.K. Beville, a geriatric specialist and the founder of SWD, noted: “A partnership with the Alzheimer’s Foundation is a dream come true for us. Promoting the need for sensitivity in care and creating positive experiences for those with dementia is at the heart of both of our organizations.”

The collaboration comes at a time when the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is escalating nationwide. Currently, as many as 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and the numbers are expected to skyrocket in line with the aging population; advanced age is the greatest known risk factor for the disease, which results in loss of memory and other intellectual function and, ultimately, death.

About the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America:

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is a national nonprofit organization based in New York City that focuses on providing optimal care to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses, and their families. AFA unites 1,400 member organizations nationwide that provide hands-on programs to meet the educational, practical, emotional and financial needs of families. AFA’s services include a toll-free helpline with counseling by licensed social workers, a free caregiver magazine, training of healthcare professionals and National Memory Screening Day. For information, call 866-AFA-8484 or visit

About Second Wind Dreams:

Second Wind Dreams, based in Marietta, GA, was founded by geriatric specialist P.K. Beville in 1997 as a grassroots effort to bring awareness to our elders by making their dreams come true. Through fulfilling dreams and offering innovative educational opportunities to caregivers and communities, the nonprofit organization seeks to change the perception and experience of aging, empowering elders to age with dignity, hope and joy. Second Wind Dreams is also home to the Virtual Dementia Tour Series™, an interactive project that is currently used worldwide to help sensitize people to what it might be like to live with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. For information, call 678-624-0500 or visit


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